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重新定義生活 Redefined life

What is life


香港人對生活的定義就是買樓。做什麼都應該以置業為目標。有樓就有好生活。好生活就要有樓。因為要買樓, 所以要努力工作。因為要買樓, 所以要節衣縮食。因為要買樓, 所以要遲一點結婚。買樓就是好生活的標準。但是, 為何很多人達到這個目標, 卻仍然生活普通, 談不上好生活? 這是因為大部份人對生活下了錯的定義, 或者根本沒有定義。

香港人應該重新定義生活, 好好對待生活。好生活是要你好好地去生活才可以得到。身邊有很多朋友不懂好好生活。有些朋友買樓置業, 但從來沒有好好使用辛苦換來的生活的空間, 回家只是玩玩手機, 睡睡覺而已。幾百萬的付出, 只換來無聊的生活。有些朋友租樓住, 因此往往認為自己只是過客, 不為自己添置太多傢具, 用現成的就好, 從不講究。結果一住幾年, 仍然生活拘謹, 沒有留下半點生活的痕跡。每月支付高昂租金, 換來只是將就的生活, 值得嗎? 以買樓為目標是可以的, 但買樓不是生活的終點。好好生活才是香港人要追求的。

如何好好生活是需要自己覺悟和學習的。首先要好好認識自己, 認真對待自己的需要和喜好。然後思考自己理想的生活方式, 思考自己所希望的日常生活是如何。學習講究每一個生活細節, 培養對美的觸感, 對優質生活追求。讓自己可以全情投入生活之中, 享受生活的每一個時刻, 每一個日常, 每一個細節。

居住空間是一個死物, 只有當人與空間連結, 空間的價值才真正被體現, 空間才會被活化。我總覺得用畢身努力換來的居住空間, 如果沒有好好運用, 實在是浪費生命。

我們是時候要重新思考生活的定義, 然後好好生活。

Hong Kong people should redefine life.

Hong Kong people define life as buying a flat. Everything should be targeted at home ownership. There is a good life in the building. A good life will have a building. Because you want to buy a building, you have to work hard. Because I want to buy a house, I have to cut back on food. Because I want to buy a building, I have to get married sooner. Buying a building is the standard for a good life. However, why do many people achieve this goal, but they still live a normal life, can't talk about a good life? This is because most people have a wrong definition of life, or no definition at all.

Hong Kong people should redefine their lives and treat their lives well. A good life is to have a good life before you can get it. There are many friends around who don't understand how to live a good life. Some friends buy real estate, but they never use the hard-working space for life. Going home is just playing with a mobile phone, sleeping and sleeping. Millions of contributions, only for a boring life. Some friends rent a flat, so they often think that they are just passing passengers. They don't add too much furniture for themselves. They use ready-made products and never pay attention to them. As a result, after living for a few years, I still lived in a cautious manner, leaving no trace of life. Paying high rents every month, in exchange for just living, is it worth it? It is ok to buy a building, but buying a building is not the end of life. A good life is what Hong Kong people want to pursue.

How to live a good life requires self-awareness and learning. First of all, you must know yourself and take your needs and preferences seriously. Then think about your ideal lifestyle and think about what you want in your daily life. Learn to pay attention to every detail of life, cultivate a sense of beauty, and pursue quality life. Let yourself be fully engaged in life, enjoy every moment of life, every day, every detail.

Living space is a dead thing. Only when people are connected with space, the value of space is truly reflected and space is activated. I always feel that living space that I have worked hard to exchange for is not a waste of life.

It is time for us to rethink the definition of life and then live well.


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