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傢具是我們的ROOMMATE。Furniture is our roommate.

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傢具是我們的Roommate。在我們眼中, 傢具不只是工具。他是生活夥伴, 他是同屋主, 他是朋友, 他是家中重要的成員。

生命不能沒有朋友, 生活不能沒有傢具。傢具每一日與我們一起生活, 不論起居飲食, 喜怒哀樂, 傢具都會陪伴左右, 毫無怨言。大至一張梳化, 小至一個杯墊, 可以為你的生活帶來便利和樂趣, 配合你的生活方式。

記得家中有一張80年代茶色玻璃茶几, 比我更早就住在我家。由細到大, 不論看電視, 做功課, 溫書, 畫公仔, 還是食飯, 都是在他上面進行。一路陪伴成長, 直到長大成人, 大約5年前, 一次打邊爐, 因為冷縮熱漲的溫差, 他突然破裂, 離我們而去, 毫無先兆。當刻就像一個老朋友離我而去, 陪隨的是我的童年時光。

傢具就是我們的Roommate。如果你有認真與傢具一起相處過的話, 他就是你的朋友, 可以充實你的生活, 創造美好的回憶。

ROOMMATE希望人可以認真對待傢具, 認真對待生活。享受生活的快樂時光和回憶。好好生活。

Furniture is our Roommate. Furniture is not just a tool. He is a life partner, he is a homeowner, he is a friend, he is an important member of the family.

Life can't have no friends, life can't have no furniture. Furniture lives with us every day, regardless of the daily life, the emotions, the furniture will accompany the left and right, no complaints. As large as a comb, as small as a coaster, can bring convenience and fun to your life, with your lifestyle.

I remember that there was a 80's brown glass coffee table in my home, and I lived in my house earlier than I did. From fine to large, whether watching TV, doing homework, warming books, painting dolls, or eating rice, it is all done on him. All the way to grow up, until grown up, about 5 years ago, a side-by-side furnace, because of the temperature difference between the cold and the heat, he suddenly broke, leaving us without warning. It’s like an old friend who left me, accompanied by my childhood.

Furniture is our Roommate. If you have been seriously with the furniture, he is your friend, can enrich your life and create beautiful memories.

ROOMMATE hopes that people can take furniture seriously and take life seriously.

Enjoy the happy hours and memories of life. Live better.



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