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快樂角落。Happy corner


Happy Area
Happy Corner - Happy Area

創造一個快樂空間。在家的任何一合個地方, 哪怕是一張椅子, 劃分成一個特別的空間, 做喜歡的事。你可以在創造自己的珈琲室, 沖自家的手沖珈琲; 可以放很多書, 成為自己的圖書館; 可以作一個唱片角落, 創建自家HMV。只要是你喜歡就可以, 創造一個又一個的快樂角落。

Happy Hour
Happy Corner - Happy Hour

每日劃出一段快樂時光。人都是按時間生活, 12點睡覺, 7點起身, 1點食午餐…每日特意劃分一個時間, 多久都可以, 任君選擇, 做喜歡的事, 不論大小, 只要是你喜歡就可以。可以是飲杯超級冰凍啤酒, 然後吐一大啖真氣; 可以是不停睇YOUTUBE一個鐘; 可以是什麼都不做, 吹住風扇, 訓一個覺, 發一場春秋大夢, 只要是你喜歡就可以。每日都劃分一段時間, 做令自己快樂的事。

Happy Corner
Happy Corner

好好經歷當下的每個生活。在每一個日常中做自己喜歡的事, 讓自己真切地活著, 活出每一個感覺, 並享受其中。把時間和空間結合, 讓生活活得有深度。而且, 有人說最容易令人記住的就是經歷。只有經歷一個過程, 一個時光, 才會產生深刻的記憶。只要成為深刻記憶, 才可以隨時拿出來回味。讓當下的快樂, 成為一生的回憶。

把快樂空間, 快樂時光和快樂生活經歷相互連結起來, 就構成一個快樂角落。

Happy corner

The corners are constructed from the X, Y, and Z axes. X is time. Y is space. Z is life.

Create a happy space. Any place in the family, even a chair, is divided into a special space, doing things that you like. You can create your own diverticulum and rush your own hands; you can put a lot of books and become your own library; you can make a record corner and create your own HMV. As long as you like it, you can create one happy corner after another.

Make a happy time every day. People live by time, sleep at 12 o'clock, get up at 7 o'clock, eat lunch at 1 o'clock... Deliberately divide a time every day, how long can you choose, do whatever you like, no matter how big or small, as long as you like it. It can be a cup of super-frozen beer, and then spit a lot of infuriating; can be a non-stop YOUTUBE a clock; can do nothing, blow the fan, train a sense, send a spring and autumn dream, as long as you like can. Every day is divided into a period of time to do things that make you happy.

Take a good look at every life in the moment. Do what you like in every day, let yourself live, live out every feeling, and enjoy it. Combine time and space to make life live deep. Moreover, some people say that the easiest thing to remember is the experience. Only through a process, a time, will produce a profound memory. As long as you have a deep memory, you can always take it back. Let the happiness of the moment become a memory of a lifetime.

Linking happy spaces, happy hours and happy life experiences together constitutes a happy corner.

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