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Roommate的生活方式。 Our lifestyle.

從今天起, 好好生活。

ROOMMATE的生活方式, 就是快樂生活。


生活本身就是由一個一個的當下連結而成, 要享受生活, 就必需學會享受每一個當下。按每個人自己所喜愛的方式生活, 令自己快樂, 每日創造一個又一個快樂時光, 最後就可以得到快樂生活。其實這只是一個非常簡單的算式, 每一個人都可以明白。好好生活, 就是要活在當下, 好好經歷。所以ROOMMATE的生活方式, 就只是簡單的快樂生活。

香港人雖然拼盡全力買樓, 但大部分都並不重視生活本身。你估我老豆李嘉誠, 無錢, 得閒死唔得閒病…等等不同人生座右銘都令到生活迫人變得理所當然。是的, 生活是迫人的, 不就是正正因此, 更應該學習好好生活, 活在當下。生活才是人生組成的最重要元素。認真對待生活就是第一堂要學習的。

一百個人可能有一百種的生活方式。ROOMMATE並不只想要把魚送你, 我們是希望大家學會釣魚。分享ROOMMATE對生活的看法, 生活的小趣味, 生活方式, 生活的態度, 生活的日常和生活上的種種…ROOMMATE想的是要大家知道生活可以有無限的可能性, 學懂好好生活, 就可以選擇自己想過的生活。生活迫人是一種; 快樂生活也是一種。而ROOMMATE學懂選擇後者。


From today on, live it well.

The lifestyle of ROOMMATE is a happy life.

Life itself is made up of one-on-one connections. To enjoy life, you must learn to enjoy every present. Live in the way that everyone loves, make yourself happy, create one happy time each day, and finally get a happy life. In fact, this is just a very simple calculation, everyone can understand. To live a good life is to live in the present and have a good experience. So ROOMMATE's lifestyle is just a simple happy life.

Although Hong Kong people try their best to buy a flat, most of them do not pay attention to life itself. You estimate that I am a young bean Li Ka-shing, I have no money, I have to be idle and I have to go to bed... and so on, the different of life make life a reality. Yes, life is a forced person. It is not just right. Therefore, you should learn to live a good life and live in the present. Life is the most important element of life composition. Taking life seriously is the first thing to learn.

One hundred people may have a hundred lifestyles. ROOMMATE doesn't just want to send you the fish, we want everyone to learn to fish. Sharing ROOMMATE's views on life, life's little fun, lifestyle, life attitude, daily life and life... ROOMMATE wants to know that life can have unlimited possibilities, learn to live well, you can Choose the life you have thought of. Life is a kind of life; happy life is also a kind. ROOMMATE learns to choose the latter.


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