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傢具為原點的快樂角落 From Furniture to Happy Corner

Happy Corner

以「傢具」為原點,連結「人」、「空間」和「生活」。就是指按自己的喜好、生活習慣和理想的生活方式,把家中的不同區域劃分成不同的快樂角落。讓人可以在快樂角落之中, 把某段特定的時間劃分出來, 享受自己的快樂時光, 讓每一個人都可以享受生活中的每一個當下, 創造回憶。

我們的居家生活大多以傢具為原點開始。在梳化上看電視, 在書枱上工作, 在書櫃旁看書, 在餐桌旁與朋友食飯聊天。ROOMMATE主張以「傢具」為起點, 按「人」的喜好, 把家中的不同「空間」劃分成不同的快樂角落, 進行你所希望的日常「生活」。

在家中建構不同的快樂角落。人喜歡以空間劃分生活, 例如書房用以工作, 看書。睡房用以睡覺。ROOMMATE認為空間可以再細分地以傢具劃分, 按生活習慣建構更多生活空間, 不同的生活空間可以讓人進行更多居家生活, 從而獲得更多生活樂趣, 創造更多美好的快樂回憶。例如在一張座椅上, 配置不同配件, 如小書櫃, 可以方便放置喜歡的書, 方便你隨時可以拿起書來閱讀。配置一張珈琲枱, 可以方便你觀賞球賽時擺放啤酒。所以傢具可以方便你的生活習慣, 而方便的生活亦可以鼓勵人培養更多不同的生活習慣, 相輔相成。你可能發掘出更多生活上的可能性, 創造更多屬於你的快樂角落。


Taking "Furniture" as the origin connect "people", "space" and "life". It means dividing different areas of the home into different happy corners according to your own preferences, living habits and ideal lifestyle. In the happy corner, people can divide a certain time and enjoy their happy time, so that everyone can enjoy every moment in life and create memories.

Most of our home life begins with furniture. Watching TV on the comb, working on the desk, reading at the bookcase, chatting with friends at the table. ROOMMATE advocates the use of "furniture" as a starting point and divides the different "spaces" in the home into different happy corners according to the preferences of "people" to carry out the daily "life" you want.

Construct different happy corners at home. People like to live by space, such as the study to work, reading. The bedroom is used for sleeping. ROOMMATE believes that space can be subdivided into furniture, and more living spaces can be constructed according to living habits. Different living spaces can make people live more homes, thus gaining more life and creating more beautiful happy memories. For example, in a seat, different accessories, such as a small bookcase, can be conveniently placed in a favorite book, so that you can pick up the book at any time to read. Configure a platform to make it easy for you to watch beer during the game. Therefore, furniture can facilitate your living habits, and convenient life can also encourage people to cultivate more different living habits and complement each other. You may discover more possibilities in life and create more happy corners that belong to you.

Taking "furniture" as the starting point, we will construct different happy corners for people. It is ROOMMATE's proposal for life.


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